Had a strange dream on Wednesday night, about the Robotics;Notes DaSH gameplay. (before the gameplay video was released)
It started with my friend’s father installing R;N DaSH Demos on multiple PC’s to make it playable for his son’s birthday party. Then the party started and we got to play it.
The gameplay started with a sequence where Suzuha (looking different from what we know of her) and R;N Nae return from an operation. But suddenly, whilst hugging Nae to greet her, Nae becomes 2D, blue-ish transparent with patterns of electric circuits and disappears chunk for chunk. (kind of like how Hatsune Miku disappears in the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku music video) Everybody was confused.
The scene looked like they came stepping out of a train, but there were no tracks nor train station, but a plain grass field in the middle of the night.
but right after she disappeared, I woke up.

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